Lucio Fulci's The House by the Cemetary (1981), which will be screened in a rare 35mm print of the original, uncut version!

At Film Society of Lincoln Center, we can hardly sleep we're so excited to announce our new Midnight Movies series.  The voracious maw and mysterious subversives of horror and sci-fi are let out after dark in what's sure to be the most terrifying program of the summer.

The series includes Tobe Hooper's zombi-rific Lifeforce, David Lynch’s uncanny Lost Highway, Sam Raimi's cult classics The Evil Dead and Evil Dead II, and the mind-bending and schlock-tastic musical The Apple. But if freaks and frights are not your taste, never fear! Come see Richard Pryor: Live in Concert on June 22. In restored 35mm, Pryor delivers hilarious observations of the absurd and the hypocritical at the Terrace Theatre in Long Beach. Then come back July 27 for adult animation pioneer Ralph Bakshi’s 1972 satire Fritz the Cat. Follow the promiscuous, pot-smoking Fritz and his heroine-addicted rabbit friend as they wreak havoc around New York City, fornicating and rioting. Fritz the Cat is the first animated film to receive an X-rating—something you do not want to miss!

Perhaps the most anticipated midnight flick is the first in the series, Star Wars: Uncut, a shot-by-shot remake of George Lucas’ masterpiece, Star Wars – A New Hope. Created by Casey Pugh, this tribute spectacle consists of 473 volunteers, stop-motion Star Destroyers, tin-foil C-3Pos and trash-can R2s (don’t we all have these?). Volunteers created 15-second segments that Pugh compiled, posted on the Internet and left the chronology up to voters. See it on the big screen in its Galactic Premiere on June 1!

In the words of Gavin Smith, Film Comment editor-in-Chief and Midnight Movie co-programmer: “Sometimes I sit in my office and wonder why Béla Tarr couldn’t have filmed a live-action version of the game Sodoku. Because if he had, we would program it in a second. But since he hasn’t (at least so far, anything’s possible), we might as well throw The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Fritz the Cat on the screen and see what happens.”

Midnight Movies are scheduled for every Friday night in June, July and August.  For a full lineup, schedule, tickets and more info, head to the series page.