The circus is coming to Lincoln Center today with Ted Hope as the ringleader.

In what will be a first for the young Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center, we are streaming today's “New Faces of Indie Film” panel live online from our new digital amphitheater here at Lincoln Center. Moderated by acclaimed indie producer Ted Hope, the panel features a whopping eleven indie panelists: Antonio Campos, Mike Cahill, Lena Dunham , Sean Durkin, Jody Lee Lipes, Josh Monde, Ray Tintori,  Benny Safdie & Josh Safdie, Gavin Wiesen and Ben Zeitlin.

With the support of the sharp folks at Innovent, we're lining up a live online broadcast of today's panel at 4PM ET and inviting viewers, both in person and online, to share questions via Twitter and the hashtag: #tednyc

Left to right (above): Josh Safdie, Benny Safdie, Jody Lee Lipes, Lena Dunham, Benh Zeitlin, Ray Tintori, MIke Cahill, Antonio Campos, Sean Durkin, Josh Mond, Gavin Wiesen and Ted Hope.



WATCH IT LIVE HERE (more info below):

Watch live streaming video from innovent at

Lincoln Center New Faces Of Indie Film Circus

Saturday June 11, 2011 4PM ET

Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center Amphitheater

Antonio Campos (Afterschool), Mike Cahill, Lena Dunham (Tiny Furniture), Sean Durkin (Martha Marcy May Marlene), Jody Lee Lipes (NY Export: Opus Jazz), Josh Monde (Borderline Films), Ray Tintori (Death to the Tinman),  Benny Safdie & Josh Safdie (Daddy Longlegs), Gavin Wiesen (The Art of Getting By), Ben Zeitlin (Glory At Sea).

Here's the format of the event, as prepared by Ted Hope (more details via his blog):


Participants: 11 panelists, 1 moderator.

Duration: 2 hrs (90 mins of Q&A, 30 min of audience questions)

Questions: 30 prepared…

Basic Math: 30 questions x 2 minute answers + 1 minute rebuttal = 90 minutes


Six members of the audience will be selected to be “Extenders”.  Extenders have the power to provide the panelist with additional time to answer the question.

3 Extenders will have the power to offer a single 2 minute extension to a panelist.

3 other Extenders will have the power to twice offer a 1 minute extension to a panelist.  These extensions can not be combined into one answer, but must be limited to a 1 minute extension.


Each answer will be STRICTLY limited to a two-minute response.

After a panelist answers a question, they will not be permitted to answer again until every panelist has answered a question.

Each answer, once the extension has been utilized if so granted, will be offered for rebuttal to another panelist.

Rebuttals will be STRICTLY limited to a one-minute response.

Rebuttals will be offered to the first panelist closest to the left of the answerer who has their hand raised.  If no rebuttal is desired, the next question will be asked.

There are no extensions to rebuttals.

At the one minute mark, the panelist to the right of The Answerer has the power of The Gong.  By saying “GONG!” loudly this panelist becomes The Disruptor. The Disruptor stops The Answerer and is granted the power to answer the question themselves for the full two minutes.

Extensions apply fully to The Disruptor's answers.