On this week’s episode of our podcast, you’ll hear master cinematographer Ed Lachman talk about working with Todd Haynes, shooting on film vs. digital, his approach to composition, and more. Lachman’s latest collaboration with Haynes, Carol, has been nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Cinematography. Subscribe to The Close-Up on iTunes to hear fascinating discussions like this one every week and, if you like what you hear, leave us a review!

Carol has garnered steady praise since its premiere at last year’s Cannes Film Festival—it topped Film Comment‘s list of the Best Films of 2015—with many critics taking note of its distinctive cinematography. For Reverse Shot, Jordan Cronk wrote: “Shot in Super 16mm by Edward Lachman, the film is an aesthetic marvel, Haynes’s most formally controlled work yet.”

In addition to his work with Haynes, Lachman has also lent his talents to visionary directors like Sofia Coppola (The Virgin Suicides), Steven Soderbergh (The Limey, Erin Brockovich), and Ulrich Seidl (Paradise Trilogy). During the 53rd New York Film Festival last fall, he joined programmer Amy Taubin for one of our free NYFF Live talks, which are sponsored by HBO.

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