On this week’s episode of our podcast, you’ll hear a conversation with Jane Birkin and Charlotte Gainsbourg from the opening night of our dual retrospective, Jane and Charlotte Forever, which continues through this weekend. Subscribe to The Close-Up on iTunes to hear fascinating discussions like this one every week and, if you like what you hear, leave us a review!

Our series looks at the mother-daughter duo’s daring and influential careers side by side, from Birkin’s memorable performances in films by Agnès Varda and the late Jacques Rivette, to Gainsbourg’s collaborations with directors like Lars von Trier and Michel Gondry. Opening night featured a film from each of their extraordinary bodies of work—Jane Birkin in La Pirate from 1984, and Charlotte Gainsbourg in Antichrist from 2009—as well as an in-depth conversation with the two actors. In addition to discussing the two films being screened, Birkin also shared memories from her collaborations with legendary director Jacque Rivette, who passed away earlier that day. The evening was moderated by our Director of Programming Dennis Lim.

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