Carlos “Cacá” Diegues, an important figure in Brazil's Cinema Novo movement of the 60s and 70s, directed a diverse array of films that convey the beauty, vibrancy, and exotic allure of Brazil. Enter the visually striking world of Diegues by taking a look at some beautifully designed posters and images from his films, and be sure to catch them at Film Society from April 12-18 in our retrospective Brazilian Saga: Carlos Diegues' Cinematic with Diegues in person at select screenings!!

Bye Bye Brazil (1979):

The Big City (1966):

Ganga Zumba (1963):

God is Brazilian (2002):

The Greatest Love Ever (2006):

The Heirs (1970):

Joanna the Frenchwoman (1975):

Orfeu (1999):

Quilombo (1984):

Rio's Love Songs (1995):

Subway to the Stars (1987): 

Summer Showers (1978):

Tieta (1995):

Xica (1976):