Vincent Gallo in The Legend of Kaspar Hauser

What do a transsexual, a Chinese interpreter and a young DJ have in common? To find out, you'll have to come see three of Open Roads: New Italian Cinema's more mysterious and fantastical offerings: Magnificent Presence, The Arrival of Wang and The Legend of Kaspar Hauser!

Mystery 1: Ghosts and Transsexuals
Ferzan Özpetek’s Magnificent Presence is the Opening Night film at this year's Open Roads festival. The Italian-Turkish director, who brought us Facing Windows (2003) and The Ignorant Fairies (2001), comes to the Film Society of Lincoln Center with his newest film about a struggling actor named Pietro and his unexpected bedfellows: a long-dead acting troupe trapped as ghosts in his new house. Redolent of Douglas Sirk's Magnificent Obsession and Roberto Benigni's Life is Beautiful, the film will make you laugh and cry as this intriguing ensemble cast develops a portrait of life in Rome in the 1940s and today. Starring famous Turkish comedian Cem Yılmaz and Italian actor Elio Germano (who also appears in Open Roads film Diaz: Don’t Clean Up This Blood), the film follow Pietros (Germano) as he unravels the mystery surrounding his new friends with the help of a transsexual he encounters around the city. Who is this magnificent presence and what does he or she want? Director Ferzan Ozpetek in person at June 8 screening!

Mystery 2: The Voice in the Dark.
In Antonio and Marco Manetti's The Arrival of Wang, a Chinese interpreter gets a mysterious call asking for her services immediately, no questions asked. Blind-folded and placed in a dark room, she is asked to translate the words of a mysterious voice in the room known to her only as Mr. Wang. As the conversation turns hostile the interpreter finds herself questioning her position in validating interrogation techniques and torture. Why is she kept in the dark? Who hired her and what do they want with Mr. Wang? The answers to these question will certainly surprise. Directors Antonio and Marco Manetti and actress Francesca Cuttica in person at June 10 screening!

Mystery 3: A Young Boy Washed Ashore
Starring Vincent Gallo in dual roles and a wonderful Silvia Calderoni as Kaspar Hauser, Davide Manuli's The Legend of Kaspar Hauser entertains, confuses and makes you want to dance. Vitalic’s music alone makes it worth checking out this bizarre retelling of the legendary German boy who turned up out of nowhere in 1828 claiming to have grown up in total isolation in a darkened cell.  Director Davide Manulli in person at June 9 screening!

Give this genre fare a try and you'll not only find yourself solving mysteries—Who is Kaspar Hauser? What does Mr. Wang actually look like? Why are ghosts living in Pietro’s house?—but also coming to understand science fiction’s critical role in truth-telling, betrayal and trust. See all three films together and save with our Open Roads Package!