Pam Grier and FSLC Programmer Josh Strauss during A Conversation with Pam Grier

In March, FSLC was honored to host a retrospective of films starring Pam Grier, who remains to be one of the most alluring actors to grace the screen.  Since her first roles in cult classics, Grier has proved she is a force to be reckoned with.  From avenging her boyfriend’s death in Foxy Brown, to playing a murderous prostitute in Fort Apache the Bronx, to leading a revolt in Escape From LA, Grier’s roles are as widespread and iconic as can be.

It is no secret that Grier has served as muse and inspiration for many directors like Roger Corman and Quentin Tarantino; nor is it a surprise.  She charmed us all at FSLC with her her compassion, vitality, and incredible stories.  During Foxy: A Conversation with Pam Grier, the leading lady sat down with FSLC programmer Josh Strauss to discuss her life and career.  You may be surprised (but you’ll certainly be entertained) by some of Grier’s legendary stories.  Take a look:

Grier on auditioning for Paul Newman in Fort Apache the Bronx:

Grier on Tarantino, Will Smith, and Surviving Cancer:

Grier on Making Fried Chicken for Federico Fellini:

Watch the full conversation here: