George Cukor's Winged Victory (1944)

We’re sure that by now, you’ve heard the great news about our massive George Cukor retrospective. Well hold on to your knickers, because it just got better!

The only film we were missing to make it a complete retrospective was Winged Victory (1944). Notice how we just used the past tense in that sentence? You guessed it: we have now acquired a 16mm print, thanks to the folks at the BYU Motion Picture Archive, of the only missing piece of this 50-film puzzle. This retrospective even includes Cukor's made-for-television movies The Corn is Green (1979) and Love Among the Ruins (1975), both starring Katharine Hepburn and both screening in 35mm!

Tickets to The Discreet Charm of George Cukor go on sale November 21, and there will be special holiday discounts! See five films for only $25 with our discount package. Single screening tickets are just $7 for Students and Seniors (62+) as well as Film Society Members, and $10 for the General Public.