Woody Allen has maintained a brisk filmmaking pace and it looks like European locales continue to fall over backwards with production money in hand attempting to lure the New York director. His latest film, Blue Jasmine, is a return Stateside, though only part of the box office hit was shot in the city he calls home and where most of his films from the '70s – '90s, including classics Annie Hall (1977) and Manhattan (1979), take place. But now Sweden's capital Stockholm has come calling, according to reports from Sweden's daily DN and The Playlist. The only thing he needs now is a plot.

Established filmmakers Zac Braff and Spike Lee raised eyebrows recently when they initiated crowd-sourcing campaigns on Kickstarter, a site popular with indie filmmakers for fundraising. Allen has clearly cornered the European capital market, however, with financiers on the continent aggressively pursuing him, resulting in a number of European-placed Allen films. Taking a cue, last year an L.A.-based group also started a fundraising campaign for the director—only it was to shoot in Israel.

Sweden's regional film group Stockholm-Mälardalen confirmed it is involved in an Allen project, noting they, “hope will be realized as soon as possible,” without elaborating.

“We have been offered the money—it is just me who has not yet come up with a sensible idea, but I will surely work it out. I love Stockholm, I have been there several times in private. It is not just about money—I want to make a story and a film that all locals can be proud of, without it becomes a pure commercial,” said Allen as quoted by Cineuropa. He added his admiration for legendary Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman, referring to him as “the greatest film artist since the invention of the camera.”

Barcelona received criticism for using public funds for 2008's Vicky Cristina Barcelona, though its mayor retorted that the film was a “huge advertisement for the city, which will be seen worldwide.” Allen's other recent European-based films include Midnight In Paris (2011), his biggest box office success to date, and last year's To Rome with Love. His latest film, Blue Jasmine starring Cate Blanchett, Sally Hawkins and Alec Baldwin, which takes place in the Bay Area and New York, has grossed nearly $2.9 million since opening on July 26.