Legendary English artist David Hockney—subject of an upcoming career retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art—and filmmaker and artist Philip Haas will appear in person for an extended conversation and screening of Haas and Hockney’s rarely shown and recently restored A Day on the Grand Canal with the Emperor of China, or: Surface Is Illusion But So Is Depth (1998, 45 min). In the film, Hockney delightfully explores one of his signature interests: spatial perspective and its fluctuating role within painting and the photographic arts. Discoursing on a 17th-century Chinese scroll painting (Wang Hui’s 72-foot-long The Kangxi Emperor’s Southern Inspection Tour, Scroll Seven), Hockney unsurprisingly proves a brilliantly observant and charismatic art-history teacher, marveling in visual art’s ever-evolving capacity to tell new kinds of stories. New digital restoration. A Milestone Films release.