Filmmaker in Residence

The Filmmaker in Residence program is an annual initiative created by the Film Society of Lincoln Center and Jaeger-LeCoultre designed to further support filmmakers at an earlier stage in the creative process. Each year, one emerging or established artist will be provided with the opportunity to focus on developing or refining new work.

2016 – Alice Rohrwacher:

Award-winning writer and director Alice Rohrwacher (The Wonders, NYFF 2014 and Corpo Celeste, NYFF 2011) is this year’s Filmmaker in Residence and will be here at the Film Society during the 54th New York Film Festival this fall. During her residency in New York, Rohrwacher will continue to write her third feature, My Bitter Land, about the adventures of a man living on the margins of his society who can seemingly travel through time.

2015 – Athina Rachel Tsangari:

The 2015 Filmmaker in Residence was Greek writer-director Athina Rachel Tsangari. Her most recent work, Chevalier, was an official selection of the 53rd New York Film Festival. Along with several cast members, Tsangari presented the film at two screenings and participated in several other events, including an NYFF Live free talk sponsored by HBO and a double-feature presentation of her previous films Attenberg and The Slow Business of Going.

Tsangari spent her time in New York working on the script for her new film, White Knuckles, an action-thriller-comedy that centers on two criminal sisters (a burglar and a bookkeeper) dealing with “VAT fraud, amour fou, architectural infiltration, and electrically amplified fistfighting.” In addition to writing, she scouted locations in Chinatown and met with potential collaborators.

2014 – Lisandro Alonso:

In 2013, our Filmmaker in Residence was Argentinean director Lisandro Alonso, who came to the 52nd New York Film Festival with his latest film, Jauja. The historical drama stars Viggo Mortensen as a Danish Captain searching for his runaway daughter in Patagonia in the 1880s. Before the festival began, Alonso also presented a screening of his 2001 breakthrough Los Muertos.

During his residency in New York, Alonso worked on developing his next project, an exploration of Amazonian civilization and the population that still lives in the region while searching for gold. The film will “examine their evolution of living—from the old days to modern times, while eluding any spatiotemporal notion.” Alonso met with producers and potential collaborators during his time as Filmmaker in Residence.

2013 – Andrea Arnold:

British director Andrea Arnold was the inaugural Filmmaker in Residence during the 51st New York Film Festival in 2013. In her time at the festival, she participated in master classes and mentorships and worked on developing her new film American Honey, which will have its world premiere in competition at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

“I’m excited to be involved with the filmmaking community, meeting people and evolving my project,” Arnold said in an interview before her residency began. “I’m the kind of person who likes a framework… I like this idea of six weeks and structure to achieve something. I think that will be good for me.”