North American premiere! Screening with Hello Kitty!

A disillusioned man is filming a farewell letter for his loved ones before committing suicide. From his sometimes furious, sometime tear-jerking confession, we get to know that he lost everything, but somehow one’s still never sure whether to cry, pity, laugh or cheer him up. This is a hell of a performance for actor Gabriel Spahiu (Everybody in Our Family and last year’s Adalbert’s Dream), who’s pretty much alone on the screen in what it seems to be one long, continuous take. The camera never moves, but director Radu Jude cruelly pushes the viewer along the thin line between comedy and horror, until we no longer know what to expect. There’s no cheating here: the guy shoots himself, the frame stays still and… well, we’d rather not tell you what happens in the last 20 minutes. Fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a bumpy, noisy and twisted ride.

Screening with
Hello Kitty. Millo Simulov, 2012, Romania; 24m.
An unforgettable summer at the seaside with the best of friends. Nothing stands in their way.