A solid return to the gangster genre—in the French style, of course. Momon (Gérard Lanvin) was head of one of the most notorious crime syndicates (known as Les Lyonnais), until the gang was pretty much destroyed following a spectacular police raid. Now nearing 60, Momon has retired to the comfort of his wife, children and grandchildren. Yet, just when he thinks he’s out…Momon is asked to help break his old friend and partner Serge (Tchéky Karyo) out of prison. Based on the autobiography of actual gang boss Edmond “Momon” Vidal, A Gang Story takes on an increasingly tragic air, as we watch characters embark on actions they know will probably lead to their own destruction; just as The Godfather both drew on and diverged from earlier gangster films, so too director Marchal (36), himself a former policeman, evokes American examples of the gangster genre to highlight differences with French criminal life.