As the music industry changes, musicians and record labels must create new revenue streams and alternative avenues to potential fans. Transmedia storytelling can not only fulfill these needs, but also provide different forms of artistic expression outside of the traditional record release format.  Almost since its inception, the television network Adult Swim has established a powerful relationship with various musicians and independent record companies. With their classic bumps, music video production, original programming, and even their own label, Adult Swim has created innovative content that benefits all parties involved: the network, the musician, and the viewers.  This spotlight will feature a conversation with Jason DeMarco, VP of Strategic Marketing & Promotions and overseer of all music programs, to discuss the history and benefits of Adult Swim’s creative partnerships. Speakers include Laura Sterritt (Starlight Runner/TransChordian), Jason DeMarco (Adult Swim/Cartoon Network).

Laura Sterritt
Laura Sterritt is an Editor at Starlight Runner Entertainment, the leading transmedia production company, where she contributes to the planning of transmedia campaigns for blockbuster franchises, co-productions, and original properties. She is also the creator and writer of TransChordian, the only website dedicated to news and case studies on musicians using transmedia storytelling. Previously, she was the Content Production Manager at Weekly World News, where she managed the overall world and its characters. She graduated from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University, and currently lives in Brooklyn.

Jason DeMarco
Jason DeMarco is vice president of marketing and promotions for Cartoon Network and Adult Swim.  In this role, DeMarco is responsible for cultivating brand building partnerships and developing promotional marketing programs that extend each network’s reach, visibility and brand messaging off-channel. Additionally, he oversees the development and execution of customized integrated promotions and sponsorships that drive revenues for Cartoon Network and Adult Swim’s Sales and Marketing efforts.

Previously, DeMarco served as creative director, sales promotions for Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. In this capacity, he was responsible for developing compelling and innovative national advertiser promotional programs and sponsorships across multiple platforms. Producing more than 150 projects per year, he oversaw the creative development and execution of promotions marketing efforts across the linear networks, video-on-demand, and Among his accomplishments, in 2008 DeMarco also founded Adult Swim’s Williams Street Records where he served as the primary A&R (Artist and Repertoire) contact, creating original music albums supporting on-air series and delivering one of a kind creative partnership solutions for key ad sales clients.