All U Need Is Love is available in the FLC Virtual Cinema beginning August 11. Get tickets here.

Leave it to the Hong Kong film industry to create a feature-length charity PSA that corrals nearly every known local star (Jackie Chan! Louis Koo! Tony Leung Ka-fai! Eric Tsang!) to send a strong message about the role artists should play in times of crisis—and to generate proceeds to support those affected by COVID-19. Cleverly set in a hotel that has been locked down for 14 days following a new outbreak of the coronavirus, the film dances glancingly between the staff and guests as they deal with their forced isolation in ways ranging from the sanguine to the panic-stricken. Gradually, of course, barriers come down and bonds are forged. This frenetic romp doesn’t set the gold standard for originality, but it is so well-intentioned, so high-spirited (dare we say frisky?), so full of in-jokes (that 360-degree parking-brake stunt!) that it’s an effort well worth cheering.