Somewhere in between frightening audiences with a lethal elevator in The Lift and a murderous Santa Claus in Saint, innovative Dutch writer-director Dick Maas made this delicious blend of police procedural and slasher film with a diver lurking beneath Amsterdam’s canals as the killer. While the scuba-masked psycho leaves a long trail of dismembered bodies behind him, single-father cop Eric (Huub Stapel) and his partner investigate, receiving a little help from John (Wim Zomer), an old friend who works for the river police, and museum guide/diving enthusiast Laura (Monique van de Ven) whom he meets on the job and falls for. Featuring top-notch kill scenes and extravagant action, plus some truly bad hair, outfits, and acting, the fast-paced, nasty, and blackly funny Amsterdamned is pure ’80s—meaning awesome—entertainment long out of circulation in the U.S.