“The papers are fulla lecherous men an’ innocent little girls.” Frank Tashlin plays Nabokov as a frantic hide-in-here bedroom farce, in garish color CinemaScope. Terry-Thomas is the English anthropology professor whose engagement breaks the hearts of the campus’s Anglophile bobby-soxers. As he minds his absent landlady/fiancée’s beachfront Santa Monica pad, her heretofore unspoken-of 17-year-old daughter (Weld) barges in. Hiding her identity behind a Bowery accent, Tuesday sticks around to do a torso-winding breakfast-preparation number in hot pants. With further unannounced visits by Francesca Bellini’s va-va-voom dingbat, who noshes chocolate cheesecake on a vibrating massage table, and Richard Beymer’s clueless all-American fella.