In this tightly constructed survival story, a young couple’s romantic camping trip in a National Park goes from bad to worse—much worse. While city girl Jen (Missy Peregrym) seems more attached to her smartphone than to her semi-employed boyfriend Alex (Jeff Roop), she reluctantly goes along with his proposal to introduce her to the wonders of the wilderness he experienced as a kid after he assures her that he knows the forest like the back of his hand. Alex fancies himself as quite the outdoorsman, but after an ambiguous and quietly tense encounter with a tracker (Eric Balfour), he manages to get them both hopelessly lost—and that’s only the beginning of their problems. They’re running low on food and water, and in the night they realize they are not alone—and whatever’s out there is hungry. For those who get creeped out by the great outdoors, this gory, gut-wrenching shocker, featuring a knockout performance by Peregrym, is coming to get you.