Q&A with actress Nora Navas and producer Isona Passola after the December 16 show!

Spain's nominee for this year's Academy Award for Best Foreign Film — which premiered at last year's Spanish Cinema Now — begins as a young boy, Andreu, comes across the bodies of a father and son in the forest. Leaning over the dying boy, Andreu hears him whisper “Pitorliu”—the name of a monster supposedly haunting local caves. But the real monsters in this brilliant adaptation of Emil Teixidor’s novel are the local Fascists, who keep close watch on the family of Andreu and other Republican sympathizers—and who think Andreu’s father might know more about these murders than he admits. Perhaps the finest film yet by Agustí Villaronga, one of the most creative and individual filmmakers of his generation, Black Bread is a stunning plunge into the world of a young boy making his way through warring sources of truth and authority while dealing with all the expected adolescent urges and mysteries.