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A meditation on the work of three artists, each of whom centered much of their work on the environments in which they painted. For Georgia O’Keeffe, it was the extraordinary desert landscapes of New mexico; for Emily Carr, the lush rain forests of British Columbia; and for Frida Kahlo, the heat and dust of Mexico City. Using extracts from each woman’s letters and diaries, the film reveals three distinct creative processes in all their subtlety and variety.

Screening with:
The Stein Family: The Making of Modern Art 
Elizabeth Lennard | 2011 | France | 53 min.
Members of a wealthy California Jewish family, Leo, Gertrude and later elder brother Michael Stein and his wife Sarah all moved to Paris in the early years of the 20th century; each would soon begin painting collections that would later be judged among the most important of the twentieth century. Michael and Sarah were among the great patrons of Matisse, acquiring many key works, while Leo and Gertrude amassed collections that feature Picasso, Cezanne, Gauguin, Bonnard and others. Through their collections, as well as their many friendships with artists, the Steins helped create a bridge between America and the explosion of modern art happening in Europe.