Q&A with filmmakers Meerkat Media Collective and live performance by Zlatne Uste Balkan Brass Band

A New York–based Balkan brass band travels to a tiny Serbian village to take part in the 50th anniversary of the world's largest trumpet competition. The first Americans to attend, Zlatne Uste from New York City, face the reigning Serbian champs, the Dejan Petrović Band, and tough competition from a struggling Romani band, Demiran Ćerimović Orchestra. The event is a celebration of music and culture, but beneath it lies the memories of war, bias against the Roma, and the ever-present need to succeed for simple economic reasons. But Zlatne Uste revel in the opportunity to meet other musicians and soak up Balkan identity and pride. Presented in association with globalFEST at Lincoln Center Out of Doors.