Please Note: This event has been moved to the Film Center Amphitheater.

The recent popularity of transmedia storytelling has been enabled by the explosion of digital technologies that most of us take for granted.  From the front lines of the movement – the creators, builders, and fans – new technologies are born everyday that may be useful tools in telling stories.  But these same elements that excite the core audience may very well be a barrier to entry for a broad portion of the population.  This panel will explore how we bring transmedia into more homes, free it from cult status, and create experiences designed for our moms.  Join filmmaker/technologist Mark Harris (creator of immersive film experience The Lost Children), filmmaker Barry Alexander Brown (Editor on Do the Right Thing, Malcom X, Creator of Last Looks), and Mike Knowlton (Murmur Co, Co-founder of StoryCode) for what promises to be a lively discussion. Speakers include Mark Harris (The Lost Children), Barry Alexander Brown (Last Looks), Michael Knowlton (Murmur, Storycode).

Mark Harris<br />(@MegaMarkHarris)
Mark Harris is a filmmaker and software architect focused on the intersection of story and technology. Mark's Transmedia project, The Lost Children, is in post production now. The feature film portion of the project will screen at the Transbayfest, SF in Oct, 2012. Mark writes software for gameplay, storytelling, and Transmedia. Mark was a mentor at the first StoryCode StoryHack, and creative technologist on Lance Weiler's Pandemic 1.0 at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. Mark is about to start writing his first immersive play with Epic Theater Ensemble.”

Barry Alexander Brown
(@countereye, @cutcre8or)
New York filmmaker Barry Alexander Brown has been at the forefront of innovation in American independent cinema since his Oscar-nominated first film, “The War At Home.” He has a long working relationship with the directors Spike Lee and Mira Nair, having been the editor of films such as Do The Right Thing, Salaam Bombay, Malcolm X or Inside Man, to name but a few. His most recent venture expands the traditional boundaries of filmic expression in Last Looks, a Transmedia feature film, novel & ARG hybrid for the iPad and the web to be released this winter by Counter Intelligence Media. The feature, which Barry wrote and directed on location in Turkey, is intrinsically woven within the pages of a full-length interactive novel, which holds the keys to an extensive and ongoing game.

Mike Knowlton
A digital veteran of 20 years, Mike Knowlton has always pushed the boundaries of storytelling and technology. As a Creative Technologist he founded and led numerous technology companies including user-interface design firm Nascent State, digital agency BASIK, and open-source Flash technology Frontal. Mike has led large multi-disciplinary teams in developing complex software applications for brands including Bath & Body Works, Epoch Films, Gucci, MoMA, New York Magazine, Philosophy, Theory, Tiffany & Co., and Victoria's Secret.  At his most recent venture Murmur he produces social films and consults with leading brands, studios, and networks on using social films to extend existing properties. Mike's background spans design, programming, advertising, and filmmaking. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Miami University.