When Carles Mira premiered his first film, The Prodigious Life of Father Vincent, in Spain, someone attempted to prevent it from screening by detonating a bomb in the theater. Spain was emerging from a dictatorship and working its way, for better or for worse, toward becoming a democracy. Far from flinching, Mira upped the ante and filmed Caution to the Wind, taking his iconoclastic passion for festivity to the extreme. Focusing on an insane asylum through which all types of characters parade, Mira constructs an irreverent flashback view of Spain’s past—or as he himself puts it: “I’m convinced that a number of people have taken an interest in concealing our real past and that they invented, at the time, a make-believe empire peopled by heroes and leaders comprising a gallery of ghosts.”

Screening with:

Meeting with Sarah Jessica
Vicente Villanueva, Spain, 2013, DCP, 20m
Spanish with English subtitles

Tonight, Dori’s dream is coming true: she is having dinner with her favorite actress. She has made the trip from Spain, and the two of them are dining, one-on-one, face-to-face. But an enjoyable meal becomes a gateway to the dark world lurking behind fame…