Due to the expected arrival of Hurricane Sandy, both the Walter Reade Theater and the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center will be closed as of 6pm on Sunday, October 28 until the storm threat has passed.

If you purchased tickets online for any canceled screenings, your tickets will automatically be refunded. If you purchased tickets at the box office or you have already redeemed your online purchase, you may refund or exchange your tickets at the Walter Reade Theater or the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center box offices when the theaters re-open.

Please visit filmlinc.com for updates regarding screenings resuming in both theaters.

New York Premiere!

Welcome to the traumatized, paranoid psyche of Tommy, new father, and soon-to-be widow—his wife lies comatose never to awaken, after a horrific act of violence in their grim tower block just as they were finally moving out. Reduced to an agoraphobic wreck, he now lives in constant fear that the pack of feral hoodie-wearing children responsible for the attack is now after his daughter. Only a cantankerous priest believes him, and together they set out to rid the world of the evil little suckers once and for all. A Cinedigm/Flat Iron Film Company release.