In person: Valdís Óskarsdóttir!

An internationally acclaimed editor—among her achievements are Thomas Vinterberg’s The Celebration and Michel Gondry’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind—Valdís Óskarsdóttir turned to directing with this uproarious comedy of a wedding gone spectacularly haywire. Hoping to make the day special, Ingrid and Bardi decide to hold their wedding in a small rural church a few hours north of Reykjavik. The buses are hired, and after some expected moments of tension they’re on their way—until the groom’s intense claustrophobia forces them to travel the backroads instead of going through a tunnel that leads under the fjords. And that’s when the fun begins. Working with 4 HD cameras, Óskarsdóttir didn’t use a script, but instead set up a number of storylines and allowed her actors (many from theater) to improvise their dialogue.