Dead by dawn! In this not-exactly sequel/sort-of remake, Bruce Campbell's Ash arrives once again at the proverbial cabin in the woods for a vacation with his girlfriend. Discovering papers and artifacts belonging to the cabin’s former occupant, an archaeologist, they play a tape recording of an incantation from a copy of the Necronomicon “Book of the Dead” (of H.P. Lovecraft fame), unleashing a demonic force that possesses Ash’s girlfriend—and, well, let’s just say the romantic getaway goes seriously south. When the archaeologist’s daughter shows up with three companions, they find the semi-deranged Ash, now minus a (demon-possessed) hand, battling the forces of darkness tooth and nail (make that shotgun and chainsaw). Taking the premise of his original film and 10 times the budget (courtesy of Dino De Laurentiis of all people), Sam Raimi lets his imagination run completely wild, topping the earlier film with anarchic and at times deliriously surreal set pieces of outrageous excess, headlong camera work and berserk, punishing Three Stooges-esque violence. Amidst the mayhem, there stands the one and only Bruce Campbell, truly giving it his all: in the end, the entire film becomes a showcase for his unique talents.