Q&A with Yvonne Rainer and Jack Walsh

In the 1960s, Yvonne Rainer revolutionized modern dance as a co-founder of Judson Dance Theater. There, she introduced everyday movements into the dance lexicon, creating “Trio A” and other influential pieces that initially left audiences perplexed but inspired a devoted following. In the ’70s and ’80s, Rainer turned to film, introducing narrative techniques to avant-garde works and consequently turning the genre on its head. This revealing documentary is her story. From her bohemian upbringing to her private and public life as a radical artist, Rainer broke all the rules and created new ones only to reinvent herself time and time again. At 80 years old, she still looks at dance with an explorer’s heart, choreographing pieces that continue to defy assumptions about art and performance.

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Public Displays
Michael Kirsch, USA, 2014, digital projection, 4m
Imagine not being able to hold hands, link arms, kiss, or even touch the person you love for fear of disapproval. Michael Kirsch explores this idea as it plays out in the LGBT community, where self-censorship is an everyday reality. New York Premiere