Due to print availability issues, Fellow Citizen and Orderly or Disorderly will be shown on DVD. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Caught up in Tehran’s insane bottlenecks and gridlock, a traffic cop tries to enforce the rules and regulations. Having done so, he then proceeds to demonstrate the flexibility of the law and the flexibility of … the traffic cop himself! Kiarostami, who was a traffic cop in his own youth, exploits the situation’s maximum comic possibilities in this disarming documentary portrait.

Screening with:
Orderly or Disorderly
Abbas Kiarostami | 1981 | Iran | DVD | 15m

Considered one of his best shorts, Kiarostami illustrates the advantages for school children of orderly behavior at the water fountain and boarding a school bus. Negotiating crowded public spaces can be as humorous as it is frustrating.