Guy Maddin in person!

Guy Maddin takes his avant-garde exploration of archaic cinematic styles to a new level of delirium in what is otherwise a bold departure from his previous work: a dense and cryptic dream narrative that descends into murky, psychologically fraught realms not a stone’s throw from David Lynch territory. Pursued by cops, a group of mobsters holes up in a deserted house that soon proves to be haunted—but by garden-variety ghosts… or something else? Leaving his men to their own devices, gangster boss Ulysses (Jason Patric), like his mythic namesake, embarks on a mysterious odyssey through the shifting, hallucinatory spaces of the labyrinthine house, at every turn beset by apparitions and visions—shadowy emanations of his own troubled psyche (embodied by Isabella Rossellini and Udo Kier among others) whose meanings and connections remain teasingly elusive. Those expecting another helping of madcap Maddin camp and genre pastiche are in for a surprise. Keyhole is nothing less than a crypto-autobiograpical essay in dream work, rooted in another venerable bygone cinematic tradition: the avant-garde trance film.