One night only! Filmmaker Kerry Candaele in person!

Filmed on five continents and in 12 countries, Following The Ninth is the story of four people whose lives have been transformed, repaired and healed by Beethoven’s Ninth’s message: Alle Menschen werden Bruder (All Men Will Be Brothers). At Tienanmen Square in 1989, students played the Ninth over loudspeakers as the army came in to crush their protests for freedom. In Chile, women under the Pinochet dictatorship sang the Ninth at torture prisons, and those inside took hope when they heard the music. In Japan each December, the Ninth is performed hundreds of times, often with 10,000 people in the chorus, and now with a concert for the victims of the earthquake and Tsunami. The Berlin Wall, symbol of division and oppression, comes down in December, 1989, as Leonard Bernstein performs Beethoven’s Ninth as an “Ode To Freedom.”

Part road trip, part adventure story, Following the Ninth is a story about the power of music has to liberate us, to heal us, to provide resilience for all people in dark times.