Yaro’s daughter Salamatou is betrothed to Adamou. The couple hope to marry soon, but after each harvest—much to his future son-in-law’s frustration—Yaro postpones the wedding yet again. He says he wants his daughter to be married with dignity, and that means having enough money to pay for all the expenses tradition demands. As the growing season progresses, Yaro is under increasing pressure to finally set a date for the wedding. Meanwhile, the market price of onions begins a rapid downward slide and the engaged couple come up with a solution to speed their marriage.


Bondo: A Journey Into Kono Womanhood
Sunju Ahmadu, Sierra Leone, 2006; 26m

The filmmaker reflects on her initiation as a young girl into Bondo, a traditional women’s society. The film delves into issues of cultural pride, women’s power, as well as Western and local views on female circumcision.