North American Premiere

A “Making Our Neighborhoods Safe & Happy” festival has the vice cops working overtime in this multi-character comedy that’s like a Robert Altman flick about fetishes. Love – and handcuffs, and nipple clamps – all conspire to save the day from the forces of conformity. Director Lee Hae-Young is best known as the  Butch to Lee Hey-Jun’s Sundance on their co-directed feature, the delightfully pervy Like a Virgin.  With Foxy Festival, Hae-Young displays the same giddy fondness for his subjects and their predilections, no matter how down and dirty they might be.  People are people, after all, arousal is arousal, and sex in all its forms is just sex, so why not let everyone enjoy it, and maybe poke some fun at how hung up we can get about it along the way?  We say, enjoy your stuffed fetish dolls.  Get decked out in PVC leather, and steal your spouse’s lacy unmentionables.  Foxy Festival is the best sex you’re not having at the movies—yet.