Q&A with Susanna Barranco and Sol Picó

A portrait of the personal journey of charismatic Spanish dancer and choreographer Sol Picó, this documentary highlights the artistic career of this force of nature from street theater to the creation of her company. It shows her under the spotlight as well as her backstage reality and finds her at a crucial moment in her career after winning the National Dance Award. The film also focuses on the artist’s private challenges: the difficulties of growing up as a dancer, of artistic creation, and facing a career after turning 50.

Preceded by
Maliina Jensen, Greenland, 2018, 3m
World Premiere
Tunu is a dance film highlighting the magical wild land that is East Greenland. The word “Tunu” translates into “backside” and is used by Greenlanders to describe East Greenland. Rigged off a rock formation on Kulusuk Island, the filmmaker/dancer explores the intersection of image making, vertical dance, and outdoor photography.