From Today, It’s My Turn!!: The Movie is available in the FLC Virtual Cinema beginning August 9. Get tickets here.

This feature version of the manga-based TV show features nonstop off-the-wall gags, delirious antics, and hyperbolic action that’s both exciting and so funny it hurts. Set in an amped-up 1980s informed by old-school TV stylings on top of its exaggerated graphic-novel devices, From Today, It’s My Turn!! finds rival high school gangs converging in a world of overgrown teenagers and ridiculous hairdos. Uber-adolescent thugs ready to fight at the drop of a hat find their antiheroic yet noble values challenged when a conniving faction starts to prey on the weak, setting in motion a violent slapstick-laden turf war. Nothing is sacred as every corner of Japanese society is taken to task, from punch perms to kawaii culture. With a great cast of scenery-chewing oddballs, it’s so absurdly hilarious, with caution cast to the wind, that in one scene the actors playing the comically ineffectual teachers started laughing at their own lines, and the take stayed in the film!