Q&A with Eva Husson on March 3

An unshakable Golshifteh Farahani, as Bahar, the commander of an all-female unit of resistance fighters in Iraqi Kurdistan, holds the center of Girls of the Sun. Bahar’s squadron is comprised entirely of former captives who survived a massacre in Corduene, and their rage to fight stems from the grief of witnessing the slaughter of their loved ones. A French war journalist (Emmanuelle Bercot) assigned to cover ISIS’s invasion of Mount Sinjar is struck by Bahar’s adamant rejections of her fellow male soldiers’ more cautious strategies; instead, she suggests working together to pull off a riskier, but total, infiltration of the enemy headquarters. Drawing from true events, Eva Husson takes an uncompromising, female-driven look at the collective and individual strength it takes to resist oppression. A Cohen Media Group release.

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