Actress Ana Popescu in-person!

Gabriel and Gabriela have been happily married for 20 years but their sexual desire for each other no longer exists. Is this all life has to offer? After each spends a couple of nights chatting with a stranger on the Internet, they both fall in love. The passionate arousal for the unknown complicates the guilt for cheating on a lifetime partner. Even more confused is their adolescent and sexually very active son Vladimir, when he finds out that his parents have desires, too. Reportedly the first Romanian romantic comedy in ages, and a stylishly crafted one for that matter, Alexandru Maftei’s witty tale of errors sees an estranged husband and wife searching for their soul-mates online and entering an affair… with each other. That’s no plot spoiler, but rather a titillating device to keep the audience constantly guessing: can the two Gabys’ virtual relationship revive their physical one?