Hustle: to force (someone) to move hurriedly or unceremoniously in a specified direction. This shorts program examines the formal properties of the hustle. From transgender icon Bambi Lake to famed Parisian cat burglar Irma Vep (by way of Zackary Drucker), sweaty boys in jockstraps and grungy hipsters playing phallic drinking games to good ol’ Lily Tomlin, “Hustle (With My Muscle)” eyes life in the fast, cheap, and out-of-control lane.

James: Portrait Series
Jonesy | USA | 2013 | 2m

A brief and intimate two-channel portrait study in grainy video.

Dirty Boots
Adam Baran | USA | 2014 | 6m

A cheat sheet of seminal queer porn reference points, Baran’s first foray into music videos—for Holopaw’s “Dirty Boots (He Don’t)”—is a musky concoction, an electric and eclectic fuck fest.

Sticks & Stones
Silas Howard | USA | 2013 | 9m

A portrait of Bambi Lake, a legendary and notorious San Francisco transgender performer, who takes us on a stroll down Polk Street, sharing anecdotes about her song “Golden Age of Hustlers,” written about her time as a street hustler in the mid ’70s.

Vanessa Roveto | USA | 2014 | 6m

Last year’s NewFest audience favorite Vanessa Roveto returns with another monologue, recounting a new erotic brush with lesbian stardom.

Heather Cassils | USA | 2014 | 3m

Assembled from archival clips and performance documents, Conversations is an ode to the carefully constructed image of Peter Berlin, phone sex, and cock.

Big Bad Straw
Aimee Goguen | USA | 2013 | 2m

“I don’t think it will, Aimee. I don’t think our lungs are strong enough.”

Irma Vep, the last breath
Michelle Handelman | 2013 | 30m

Underworld ringleader and ill-famed cat burglar Irma Vep (played by Zachary Drucker) considers her life’s accomplishments and consequences on a neon-tubed therapist’s couch—strutting, mugging, evading the question…

My Most Handsome Monster
Madsen Minax | USA | 2014 | 13m

Carnality takes on a whole new meaning in Minax’s excruciating psychodrama that hyperbolizes the S&M contract and its discontents.

Interstitial Instagram Greenroom Videos
Jibz Cameron | 2013-14 | 10 seconds each

“Fame. I’m gonna live forever.”