“If the Judy who once stole Andy Hardy’s heart has gone somewhere over a rainbow of hard knocks and sleeping pills, Garland the actress seems here to stay”—Time

A worthy valedictory to the Garland screen career, I Could Go On Singing provided Judy with an extraordinary performance showcase. The plot seemed at times an amalgam of soap opera and biography, but her alternately underplayed or unfurled passion stoked every sequence. She plays a legendary American singer, appearing “in concert” at the London Palladium while in hopes of rekindling an old love (Dirk Bogarde) and reuniting with their illegitimate son (Gregory Phillips).

Jack Klugman and Aline MacMahon are eminently effective as the star’s manager and dresser. The one-take six-minute “hospital” sequence, the opening night “rev-up” in the Palladium wings, the sung-live “It Never Was You” are among a dozen significant scenes.