Q&A with Jean-Charles Fitoussi at April 17 screening. North American premiere!

Fitoussi follows up The Days I Don’t Exist with this wildly ambitious triptych, which uses the Frankenstein legend as the starting point for a contemplation of the possibility (or lack thereof) of true love. Created by scientist “William Stein,” beautiful Alix comes into being at the age of 27 and sets off in pursuit of the only thing she is supposed to be unable to experience: love. Moving from one partner to the next, she meets Raphaël, a small-time pimp who promises her a great deal more than love. From there it’s on to equally transformative encounters Frédéric, still not over his break-up with his wife, and Hélène, a young girl caring for her comatose mother. And that is but the tip of Fitoussi’s sprawling and ever more intriguing romantic epic.