Whose Streets? Our Streets! (2003, 15m)
Youth producers blend a historical overview of student and social protest movements with current testimony from outspoken youth activists.

Alienated: Undocumented Immigrant Youth (2005, 29m)
Alienated gives voice to undocumented youth immigrants facing the challenges of life after high school with no options for legalized work or college. This documentary examines what it means to be young, able and “illegal” in America.

Shadows of Ignorance: The Love That’s Feared (2010, 22m)
Combining personal stories with historical and contemporary struggles for gay rights, students document the painful discrimination and in some cases acceptance, that LGBT youth experience with their friends and family on a daily basis.

Journeys Through the Red, White & Blue (Parts 1 & 2) (2008, 24m)
Blending humor, plainspoken language, and interviews with friends, family, local political leaders and community activists, this engaging documentary puts a face on “the youth vote” and the importance of voter registration in the historic election year of 2008.