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Alfred Hitchcock’s final British film was one of his least favorites, because of his dislike of costume pictures in general and his disagreeable experience with Charles Laughton in particular—“He’s a talented amateur,” Hitchcock would later tell François Truffaut, “not really a professional.” But he was frequently given to underrating his own work, and such was the case with this dark, moody adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s novel about a group of smugglers on the Cornish coast that forces ships to run aground in order to loot their holds. Laughton may have been relatively undisciplined and vain (the actor brought in J.B. Priestley to beef up his role), but he is never less than mesmerizing—as is his 18-year-old discovery and co-star, the wildly beautiful Maureen O’Hara. Jamaica Inn has been seen for years in substandard prints and home video releases. It has been restored to its original splendor by Cohen Media. A Cohen Media Group release.