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Philippe Garrel is a true child of French cinema. His father was the great actor Maurice Garrel, he made a second home for himself in the Cinémathèque Française, he shot his first film at the age of 16, and he rode through the streets of Paris shooting newsreels of May ’68 with Godard in his red Ferrari. From the start, Garrel’s intimate, handcrafted cinema has stayed elementally close to the conditions of silent film—the unadorned beauty of faces, figures, and light—and revisited the same deeply personal themes of loss, mourning, and rejuvenation through love. In this sharp, vigorous film, shot in glorious black and white by the great Willy Kurant (Masculine Feminine), Garrel takes a fresh look at his titular subject, patiently following the professional and emotional crosscurrents between two romantically entwined theater actors played by the director’s son Louis and Anna Mouglalis. With a beautiful score by Jean-Louis Aubert. A 51st New York Film Festival selection, voted best undistributed film of 2013 in Film Comment’s year-end poll. A Distrib Films release.

New York Film Festival, 2013
Venice Film Festival, 2013

“A masterful work” —Daniel Fairfax, Senses of Cinema

“No one shares Garrel’s flair for capturing the unadorned intricacies of human behavior.” —Max Nelson, Reverse Shot

“It's right at the intersection of direct and oblique, like a good haiku.” —Stephanie Zacharek, The Village Voice