Over a period of seven years, Noël Dernesch and Moritz Springer followed two musicians on their search for a spiritual home far from the world they grew up in. While reggae has been popular in Europe for decades, the German “Gentleman” (Tilmann Otto) and Italian “Alborosie” (Alberto D‘Ascola) sought a deeper relationship to Jamaican music, people, and culture by moving to the Caribbean island to start anew. Culturally the music provides an outlet for the poverty, crime, and hardships experienced by many who live there, but it is also is the expression of a religious belief and way of life rejecting Western consumerism. Gentleman and Alborosie find a world away from the resorts, where, each in his own way, they find a place to belong. They are not merely culture tourists, they are true believers. Presented in association with globalFEST at Lincoln Center Out of Doors.