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A tale of urban revenge, Grand Theft Auto III set the stage for all future iterations of this blockbuster franchise and ignited a national debate about violence off and on the small screen. Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, GTA III redefined how video games should look and feel and won praise for its complex and engaging narrative and vast, explorable world. Join director of production turned documentary filmmaker Navid Khonsari for a discussion of the genre defining project.

Parallels have long existed between the video game and film industries: huge studios that produce billion-dollar franchises, games that adopt a cinematic look and presentation of narrative, and now independent creators that eschew larger houses to strike out alone, building and distributing original games to great success. Presented in collaboration with Kill Screen Magazine, these dialogues seek to offer a forum for the hottest indie game creators and filmmakers to gather and discuss the art and craft of storytelling in this unique medium with a monthly conversation hosted by the editors and writers at one of the nation’s top game culture publications.