Note: The European version of the film with Jerry Goldsmith's original score will be shown on Thursday, May 31 at 8:45pm.

Fresh from one of the more remarkable double-headers in the history of movies—Alien and Blade Runner—Scott embarked on this altogether unclassifiable folie de grandeur, an extravagant mythopoeic fantasy set in a long-ago land of fairies and unicorns that suggests Jean Cocteau on a really wild LSD trip. There, the forces of light battle for control against the forces of darkness–make that Darkness himself, as played by The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s Tim Curry under pounds of blood-red latex and giant black horns. (Unsurprisingly, the film was an Oscar nominee for makeup.) Weighing in on the side of good is the heroic Jack (Tom Cruise, direct from Risky Business) and the impetuous Princess Lily (Mia Sara), whom Jack must rescue from Darkness’ evil clutches—with help from some friendly elves and dwarves. And believe us, this isn’t even the half of it! Presented here in the original European release version, which then-Universal chief Sidney Sheinberg recut for domestic consumption, including the replacement of Jerry Goldsmith’s majestic original score with one by Tangerine Dream.

“With the film's cotton-candy mise en the scene, rhyming goblins (‘Mortal world turned to ice/Here be goblin paradise’), sexless pixies and elementary light/dark metaphors that reference the order of its universe, Legend is a gothic fairy tale brought to life.” 
 —Ed Gonzalez, Slant