Martín (Jose Luis Lago) is a self-conscious young boy living in a provincial Castilian town where nothing ever happens. He bears the brunt of his classmates’ bullying at school, but his biggest problem is his parents, Gema and Toribio, whose grotesque behavior certainly doesn’t go unnoticed in their sad, gray hometown. But when a new TV station arrives and offers Gema the position of lead anchorwoman, everything changes. Gema and Toribio’s fame skyrockets, but given their status as the town’s laughingstocks, they end up being treated like traveling carnival puppets, and Martín is ostracized ever more severely. Produced on a shoestring budget, with a visual style accentuating the cruelty of its content, Santiago Lorenzo’s satirical feature debut is a comedy that evokes both raucous laughter and smiles of recognition.