Star Elliott Gould in person to introduce the screening!

Following the back-to-back smashes Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice and M*A*S*H, Elliott Gould made this rarely screened absurdist comedy, courtesy of none other than Cool Hand Luke director Stuart Rosenberg. Gould stars as Hiram Jaffe, an aspiring playwright who makes a living as a porn writer and dog walker, and whose life devolves into Kafka-esque chaos when he and his wife (Paula Prentiss) attempt to make a two-block move to a slightly larger apartment on the Upper West Side. Surreal fantasy sequences abound in which Hiram’s psychosexual neuroses run wild. Can more space—and an elevator building—bring this deeply frustrated New Yorker something like happiness?  NOT ON DVD.

“A paranoid New York take on Waiting For Godot…One of Gould’s best roles, on par with his work for Altman.”
—Andrew Grant, Like Anna Karina’s Sweater

Image courtesy of the Kobal Collection.