Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz in person for Q&A moderated by Mitchell Davis of the James Beard Foundation!

Mugaritz restaurant in Errenteria, Spain has the distinction of being one of the 50 best restaurants in the world. It’s chef, Andoni Luis Aduriz, has a self-described “techno-emotional” approach to cuisine. Over the past three years, musician Felipe Ugarte has studied the meaning, preparation and history of Aduriz’s culinary formulas and has fused them with the language of music. The result is this stunning film exploring the avant-garde in both fields. Director Juantxo Sardon documented the project in its entirety, from the preparation of dishes and trips in search of melodies, to studio recordings. The end result is a beautifully photographed exploration of the creative processes behind gastronomy and their transformation into the field of musical creation, which takes full advantage of the rich variety of color and textures that both worlds offer.