New York Premieres!

Chiralia Director Santiago Gil and Screenwriter/Producer France Orsenne, and The Village's Liliana Sulzbach, Vicente Saldanha, Tommy McKay, and Cesar Graef in person at all screenings!

Santiago Gil | 2013 | Germany | 26m
A boy’s disappearance at a wooded lake leads to a questioning of memory and perception. New York Premiere!

The Village / A Cidade
Liliana Sulzbach | 2012 | Brazil | 25m

A small village’s inhabitants are all elderly, and no one new is moving in. New York Premiere!

To Put Together a Helicopter / Para armar un helicóptero
Izabel Acevedo | 2012 | Mexico | 35m

When summer rains bring power outages to his neighborhood, 17-year-old Oliverio comes up with an ingenious solution. North American Premiere!