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Introduction by Horsepower director Daniel Sandu.

Inspired by the biggest hit of one of Romania’s greatest pop singers, Angela Similea, the dark and crazily inventive musical Dying from a Wound of Love leads this eclectic bunch of shorts that also includes a tribute to Tarantino’s snappy dialogue in Kowalski and the Fassbinder-eque The Walk.

It Can Pass Through the Wall / Trece și prin perete
Radu Jude, Romania, 2014, 17m

“I am frightened, Grandpa!… Do you hear? […] The people in the house are crying, he said. They miss the one who died, that’s why they are crying.” (from Anton Chekhov’s “In the Coach House”)

Horsepower / Cai putere
Daniel Sandu, Romania, 2014, digital projection, 27m
Mihai shelters his motorcycle over the winter in his 10th floor apartment. With the help of his friends, he carries it upstairs in autumn and downstairs in spring. But in performing the ritual this year, Mihai finds out how fragile friendships can be.

Ela, Panda & Madam / Ela, Panda și Madam
Andrei Ștefan Răuțu, Romania, 2013, digital projection, 27m
A young workaholic hurries to drop her grandmother at the seaside and return to work the next morning so she won’t lose her job. But her lovely grandma has other plans…

Our Father / Tatăl nostru
Sergiu Lupșe, Romania, 2013, digital projection, 8m
Two young women with opposing views on religion and morality meet in an empty parking lot by the side of the road. Before going their separate ways, the strangers talk about faith.

The Walk / Plimbare
Mihaela Popescu, Romania, 2012, digital projection, 15m
A solitary old woman has the urge to go outside and feel alive again.

Andrei Crețulescu, Romania, 2014, digital projection, 18m
Three men walk into a pub. The first has too many questions. The second has the perfect plan. The third has no chance.

Dying from a Wound of Love / Să mori din dragoste rănită
Iulia Rugină, Romania, 2014, digital projection, 22m
This is the evening when Andrei and Maria will hear Angela Similea’s song for the last time, as this is also the evening when they decided they would die…